San Francisco-based indie-rock singer Duncan Nielsen makes dreamy psych-pop as DONCAT. He grew up surrounded by horses and nature, and his upbringing clearly informs the earthy, laid-back nature of his work. These days, he writes and plays music primarily from his San Francisco home which overlooks much of the city. He says, "Sometimes I have a guitar in my hands but I'm not even playing. Like, I forget to play cause I'm just lost in my head and simultaneously staring at the view. I do get things done though, lots of demoing and writing up there."

The video for "Once I Went To Las Vegas," off DONCAT's forthcoming album Preservation of the Spirit, is a 16 mm reverie. Nielsen's face is super imposed on scenes of cityscapes, rippling water, and mountains. The instrumentals in the song are similarly calming. Nielsen's voice weaves delicately through a wash of skittering drums and psychedelic guitar. The video's gorgeous nature imagery is a perfect complement for track, which is a sharp critique of materialism and daily social anxieties. Neilsen croons, "I'm smoking cigars in a cheap suit/eating foie gras in a restaurant, five stars/ are these my lucky cards?" asking us to unplug from the fast-paced world of social media and fancy restaurants for the quiet, necessary solitude of self reflection.

Check out the video below:

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