In the wake of Hurricane Matthew, thousands of Haitians have been displaced from their homes, which means that while donating money is one way to help, one of the more effective and immediate things you can do is donate emergency supplies to those in need. As such, a NYC-based group called KIIISHA is currently working with Brooklyn's Haitian-American Community Coalition to collect much-needed relief supplies for those hit the hardest by hurricane destruction.

Only goods that are able to be sent directly to families are currently being accepted, including clothes, shoes, medical supplies, first aid supplies, feminine hygiene supplies and baby supplies. No monetary donations are being accepted.

A collaborative ensemble composed of Jamaican-Americans Yulan Grant, Shaun Anthony-Bey and Haitian-American Gregory Ketant, the group explains that, "as the children of Toussaint L'Ouvertere and Dutty Boukman it is critical for us to unite and to help to rebuild the nation that birthed us all."

KIIISHA is also in the process of setting up additional drop-off locations in both Brooklyn and Queens, which we will update this post with when confirmed. For now though, donations are currently being accepted between 12-6 pm at Bushwick's Planet X, which is located 448 Jefferson St #29 off of the Jefferson L stop.

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