Donald Trump, fascist, racist, woman hater, and grifter, continues to hurdle towards his (hopeful) destiny: the demise of his presidential/dictatorial aspirations, this time by dragging the LGBT community in his small-handed, wet grasp. Trump, whose running mate was "randomly" handed an LGBT rainbow flag onstage at a Greeley, Colorado rally.

With the words "LGBT for Trump" crudely scrawled onto the flag, Trump waved it somewhat dementedly, and then went on a separate but standard campaign tirade against his opponent, Hillary Clinton. The moment was praised by Chris Barron--a former head of the GOP, and leader of the LGBT for Trump campaign:

Mr. Barron is as insane as he is incorrect: the Republican party, with Trump as its nominee for president, has been criticized as having the most "anti-LGBT platform in history"--notably by Log Cabin Republicans, during this summer's Republican National Convention. The draft platform included that the party's staunch belief that marriage is between a man and a woman.

Just this spring, Trump mentioned that, if elected president, he would "strongly consider" going back on the Supreme Court's landmark decision on legalizing same sex marriage.

And most disturbingly is Trump's running mate, Mike Pence, who has been overtly homophobic through his entire political career, and, as a fundamentalist Christian, is a staunch supporter of conversion therapy--a torturous practice that has been deemed dangerous by the medical community.

Before he was governor of Indiana, while running for state Congress, Pence went as far as proposing reallocating funding and research for people living with HIV/AIDS to "be directed toward those institutions which provide assistance to those seeking to change their sexual behavior."

Donald, don't you wave our flag, you smug fuck.

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