If there's one fact that's risen above the flood of claims made during this presidential primary season, it's that Donald Trump is very concerned that America be reassured that his penis is totally fine and adequate. But some, like feminist LA artist Illma Gore, think reports of Trump's package have been greatly exaggerated.

Researching the current Republican frontrunner, Gore was inspired to do nude portrait of him, complete with a micropenis. On her website, Gore explains the artistic anatomical choice was to represent the slogan, "you can be a massive prick, despite what is in your pants." She titled it "Make America Great Again."

She posted the work on February 10 to a private feminist Facebook group, which led to her first account suspension. When she was allowed to return, she reposted it. The painting was soon being widely shared and, because no one can resist the clickbait allure of "Donald Trump Micropenis" headlines, it was reported on by many, many media sources. Gore has had her account suspended a few times since, but it seems the most recent ban is a permanent one.

According to Motherboard, Gore was told the suspension would only last for 13 hours, but her account has remained locked for several days. While Facebook's policies ban the posting of what they deem to be pornographic images, Gore's Trump painting posts have featured a black censor bar over the tiny genitalia. She's reached out to Facebook for clarification of their policies and information about when she will have access again to her account, but has yet to hear anything back.

While nude Trump won't be showing up in your newsfeed, you can go to Gore's website and buy a print of the portrait. After a member of Trump's team threatened her with legal action, Gore also created a free downloadable version of the uncensored image.

[h/t Cosmopolitan]