This morning, at 8:50 AM (EST), the President-elect of the United States of America tweeted that we should all buy L.L.Bean:

This is because Linda Bean, granddaughter of company founder Leon Leonwood Bean and heir apparent to the garment dynasty, raised $60,000 between August and October of 2016 for Trump's Make America Great Again LLC.

Just last week, an anti-Trump group, upon hearing of Linda Bean (you can only say her full name, by the way) and her monetary embrace of fascism, added L.L.Bean to the Grab Your Wallet boycott list that indicates all companies supporting Trump.

Despite their dear leader's support of Dear Leader, L.L.Bean--the company--took to Facebook for damage control, claiming her views do not reflect their brand at wide:

In the future, we will all wear chunky L.L.Bean sweaters when we celebrate Ivanka's baby's birthday every single month.