UPDATE, 3/20/17:

Donald Trump, Jr. is aware that the Internet is making fun of him, but doesn't quite seem to understand how memes work.

The younger DJT finally responded to his weekend-long roasting with a cheerful Instagram post that addressed his haters, compared himself to Salt Bae, and seemed to miss the point of the meme he has become.

At least he can take a joke.


All is fair in love, memes, and domestic politics. Yesterday the New York Times published a profile on Donald Trump, Jr., the lesser known and apparently more pensive Donald Trump, with the following picture of the billionaire scion:

And, of course, the internet wasted no time making memes out of Junior's odd sitting position. Most ridiculed the strange framing of the picture, while others went in on how "outdoorsy" the Trump heir is trying to look.

The parallels to Kellyanne Conway's bizarre Oval Office picture wasn't lost on people.

Junior better watch out, Tweeters have only just gotten started.

Header photo via Will Ragozzino/BFA.com

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