Donald Trump, Apprentice host, leader of the free world and hip-hop expert has declared Snoop Dogg's career to be "failing" and indirectly threatened the rapper with jail time after Snoop clowned Trump in his new video for 'Lavender.' The Dogg and the Don facing off. I love it.

Throughout the video, Snoop laments that the current administration is one big practical joke and at its climax, Snoop Dogg shoots an actor dressed as Donald Trump in clown makeup with a toy gun. IRL Don did not care for the depiction and took to Twitter to make that clear.

Michael Cohen, Trump's "personal lawyer" told TMZ that Snoop was also way out of line.

This guy got to the crux of the matter, pointing out a whole lot of hypocrisy on Trump's behalf.

Then again it's 2017 and hypocrisy doesn't really stand for anything anymore. It's all good and great huh?

Godspeed, Snoop.

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