Donald Trump's truly deranged vendetta against former Miss Universe winner Alicia Machado continues to reveal just how big the cracks in his mental stability are: the Republican presidential nominee unleashed a new Twitter rant about Machado, who Trump--the co-owner of the pageant--systematically bullied and harassed over her apparent weight gain following her 1992 win.

Early this morning, Trump tweeted about opponent Hillary Clinton, claiming her mention of Machado at the debate, and her campaign featuring her in an ad, is part of an unfounded smear attack; he asserted that Clinton helped Machado become a U.S. citizen as a prop for her to use against him. He also insulted Machado, once again, calling her "disgusting" and claiming she had a sextape.

The Daily Dot points this Twitter user, who completely eviscerates that assertion, citing their own journey to getting citizenship:

Trump carried on with his appalling tirade:

He used the word "paragon":

And he continues to be one of those people who spells judgment, "judgement."

He railed against the LIARS!

He also initiated a boycott of USA Today, which earlier this morning ran an article, written by its editorial board, entitled "Why Trump is unfit for presidency."

"The people." What people? I'm not the people!

Hillary responded to this rant, calling it what it is:

Those notes?

She ties this to the larger issue at hand:

She mentions other women who Trump has attacked, including Kimberly Noel Kardashian West:

This all relates to Trump's most blatant problem:

Let's see that contempt spelled out:

Don't vote for Trump. Please.

Header photo via Matto Prandoni/BFA

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