Donald Glover's New Short Film: Celebrity Heart-to-Hearts and a Shower Scene

by Max Kessler

Donald Glover -- aka Childish Gambino -- released a surreal half hour-long short film which he wrote and executive produced called Clapping for the Wrong Reasons. Clapping follows Glover through his day as he encounters a grab-bag of celebs like Trinidad James, Danielle Fishel (whom we will always know as Topanga from Boy Meets World), Chance the Rapper and Flying Lotus, all doing various strange things. Fishel tells Glover as all about her wedding anxiety dreams, Trinidad and Chance play Connect Four, someone barfs and Glover pulls a damn tooth from his own nose (which will definitely give you nightmares). That may sound a little slow -- minus the nose-tooth pulling, of course -- but the whole thing is mesmerizing. Watch above.

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