PBS Digital Studios has a series called "Blank on Blank," which features "famous names" giving "lost interviews" -- before all of the Montage of Heck hype, they featured a rare interview Kurt Cobain gave in which he discussed feminism, thinking he might be gay as a teen and his burdensome stomach pain -- and yesterday they released a delightful segment from a Dolly Parton Q&A. Originally published as part of her 1978 Playboy cover story (but never-before-heard in its audio form), Parton talks to journalist Lawrence Grobel about her childhood, touching on topics like the first time she ever used a flush toilet, her family's bathing habits, and how she'd sleep in a bed with all of her younger siblings who'd pee on her every night. It's an interesting glimpse into an icon's early upbringing and a really charming listen.

[via Dangerous Minds]
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