If you look at any successful model's Instagram account, you'll see it's littered with selfies. For example:

Here's Lucky Blue Smith's Instagram page...

and Sang Woo Kim's

Dolce & Gabbana realized that society in general -- and models in particular -- are reaching peak-selfie taking and as a result, they decided to have some fun with our obsession and send male models down the runway with iPad Mini's in hand, asking them to take selfies mid-walk.

The result? A dialogue on a generation's dependence on their smart devices.

Photo via Fucking Young!

Photo via Fucking Young!

Photo via Fucking Young!

This isn't the first time Dolce & Gabbana have asked models to take catwalk selfies. Back in September, the designers had their female models snap pics on the runway during their Spring 2016 show, with the images projected on a big screen at the show and across their social media platforms. We just hope that seasoned design houses like Dolce & Gabbana don't rely on gimmicks in order to sell a product to a generation who may not necessarily understand the intricacies of a high-end collection, which in this case meant exaggerated coats and larger-than-life silhouettes. That said, I am a little curious to see how those moving selfies turned out.

Probably incredible. I mean, check out that bone structure.

[h/t Fucking Young!]

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