So after I downed a few big gulps of Robitussen and scarfed some Tylenols, I pulled myself into shape and my doggie date, Romeo, (my fabulous dandie dinmont terrier) and I hopped a towncar in the rain up to the Judith Leiber store on 61st Street where Romeo was hosting a sparkly shopping party to benefit the Humane Society and the dogs affected by Katrina. I didn't know what to expect but the second I walked in the store, we both were in heaven. First of all, Leiber creative director Frank Zambrelli greeted us with his enormous oversized pooch HUNKY (at least 200 pounds of cutiepie dog). Romeo thought he was a horse at first but after a few sniffs felt completely unthreatened. Then I saw my great friend Dr. Jennifer Chaitman who is also Romeo's awesome veteranarian and the founder of the best high tech animal hospital (VIMA) in Manhattan on 84th Street. Oh, and it's the chicest hospital also.  As I made my way through the store, I saw that the Leiber folks had put out an amazing display of animal bags for the occasion, including some awesome archival monkey heads from decades ago. There were sparkly Pekinese bags, there were frogs, monkeys, poodle, amazingly colorful birds, kittys (and oh that Miss Kitty bag is to die for!). We saw Lauren Ezersky who we hadn't seen for ages and Richard Phibbs, the hunky photographer whose dog Huck was rescued from a beach in Anguila. Peter Davis was there and his sister in law Tinsley Mortimer even swept through...There were pugs, there were chihuahuas, there were Brussels Griffons, and even a greyhound. Everyone was oohing and aaahing over the special bags and doggie charms made for the night (designed by Frank). The dogbone purse and bone charms will be sold in the store with a portion of the money going to the Humane Society. They'e truly fabulous! So, did Romeo like the "uptown vibe"? He adored it all and even left a little package on the corner of 61st and Madison for me to pick up and dispose of to prove it.


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