Tyga is currently trending on Twitter. It's definitely not because his new Cash Money Records tribute is fire (it's...not), it's because of rumors that over the course of his 2 year relationship with Kylie Jenner, he set $2 million of her cash money on fire. And she wants it back. It all started yesterday with a Radar Online report that claims Kylie had been bankrolling Tyga for over a year. According to their source, "She was always helping him, paying his legal bills when he was getting out of his record contract, and she funded most of his latest album, which flopped." Reportedly, he was shocked when she asked for the money back, as "he thought it was a gift, not a loan." Uhh... Things got really crazy this afternoon, when WORLDSTAAAR re-tweeted allegations that Kylie gave Tyga a monthly allowance, covered his car payments and mortgage, AND, insanely, his child support payments to Blac Chyna.

Twitter's reaction has been...Twitteresque.

Moments ago, Kylie shot down the rumors with a short and sweet denial.

Regardless of whether or not the rumors are true, it's always good to see our heartthrob Joanne the Scammer.

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