Dodge Ball And Delightful Bands

Everyone's all a-buzz about the newest venue in Brooklyn, McCarren Park Pool.  The site is a huge testament to the concrete jungle that is New York - a giant, abandoned public pool, fixed up after 20 years and turned into a premiere venue.  And it's already got the greats lined up, including the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Sonic Youth and Bloc Party.  There's also a water slip 'n slide, food, booze and free shows (along with the paid kind) including Of Montreal, Beirut, Gang Gang Dance and Spank Rock.  Not bad for a venue's first foray into a Brooklyn summer! 

But wait!  The fun doesn't stop there... Now there's going to be a Dodge Ball tournament to coincide with the free shows!  Starting July 30th, JellyNYC's Pool Parties series will include Dodge Ball games.  From JellyNYC: "There will be 32 teams total and you might even get a trophy at the end. So round up 6 friends and come on out to have a ton of fun and compete while listening to some super bands. Cool and creative uniforms are encouraged!"  Donations for each team is $50, not too shabby, and all proceeds will assist in funding the event and future renovations of the pool.

YAY summer!  For full event listing of all 9 Pool Parties, click here.

photo courtesy of chileanshorty's photos on Flikr


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