Do These GIFS Enhance Your Libido?

Do These GIFS Enhance Your Libido?

by Juliette Kang
By Adriana Minoliti via Dazed Digital

Can technology turn us on? Artist Faith Holland explores the lustful nature of our dear devices in her first solo exhibition "TECHNOPIHILIA," which is currently on view at Brooklyn's Transfer Gallery. Holland writes "I sleep inches away from my phone; it is the last thing I see at night and the first thing I see in the morning, regardless of who or what else is in my bed. I gently massage my laptop's pressure points as I write this text. I caress screens throughout the day. I softly cup a mouse in my right hand as it grazes across my desk. This is the new intimacy." In addition to her series of looped moving images she calls "Visual Orgasms" and large scale collages of cum shots from pornography, the installation will conclude this Sunday with a screening of 40+ "GIFs to Have Sex By"from other invited artists. Take a preview peek at a few above and below and head to the gallery on Sunday for the rest.

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