Do Some Good: Eat Do-Goodie Brownies

Julie Besonen

You don't have to be a do-gooder to like Do-Goodie Brownies, made from scratch with Belgian chocolate, cage-free eggs, butter and pure cane sugar. All four flavors -- chocolate fudge, walnut fudge, espresso bean, brown sugar blondie -- have that grandmotherly touch you don't often find on store shelves. They're certified kosher, too. The natural ingredients and moist, sweet richness of these locally baked treats have something even more in their favor. All sales of the brownies support a network of community services in a blighted part of Yonkers. Greyston Bakery, which recently started selling their Do-Goodie brownies at places like Whole Foods, Balducci's and the Park Slope Co-op, is a non-profit foundation on the banks of the Hudson that provides health care, child care, housing and education for low-income Yonkers residents and people with AIDS. "Feed your conscience" is their motto. The bakery is cranking up for summer ice cream season; Ben & Jerry's exclusively uses Do-Goodie mix-ins for flavors like chocolate fudge brownie. Do-Goodies are $2.49 each, a small price to pay for a guilt-free-conscience way to satisfy that sweet tooth. Go to for more information.

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