Do-Gooders: Gillian Caldwell, 1Sky

"The idea of 1Sky is that it's the porthole, the onramp," says seasoned social advocate and 1Sky Campaign Director Gillian Caldwell from a train heading from NYC to D.C., her home base. "It's specifically designed to engage individuals of every size and color." 1Sky's formal mission is to generate bold federal action by 2010 that can help reverse global warming. "I recently spoke with a politician who told me, ‘ExxonMobil has 50 lobbyists on Capitol Hill right now -- I'm not hearing from citizens, I'm hearing from them'," Caldwell explains. Thus, 1Sky, an entirely non-partisan effort, hopes to make an impact in Washington with a tiny fraction of their corporate competitors' resources.

Caldwell -- who spent nearly 10 years as Executive Director of Peter Gabriel's human rights organization, Witness -- is unfazed by the prospect. Her approach is three-fold: ally 1Sky with other social advocacy groups, install organizers in 50 targeted congressional districts and encourage citizen education and involvement. It's an extremely organized tactic -- one essential to alleviating the effects of an increasingly alarming calamity. In addition to rising sea levels, asthma epidemics and crop failure, Caldwell cites clean drinking water as the "defining crisis of the next decade. People just need to connect the dots." Alisa Gould-Simon


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