DJ Khaled has become the jewel of Instagram and Snapchat, with incredible videos illustrating his unbelievably lavish lifestyle.

The music producer reached peak social media on Monday, however, after getting lost in the Port of Miami on his jet ski at night, and graciously SnapChatting the entire experience for all of us.


What makes the story even better is that Khaled was returning home from a very long lunch at Rick Ross' house.

"All right, it's dark; in a minute there ain't gonna be no lights for us to navigate," Khaled states in his first snap clip; there's also an earnest text on screen "If u kno me call zay zee tell her we lost."

Zay Zee being his manager, who--if I'm understanding this correctly--he could have called himself, considering he had pretty good WiF to send snaps.

In the next chapter, he's traversing the waves on his ski, with the prayer hands emoji on screen, yelling "It's pitch black out here! I'm using the flash from my phone!"

Things started getting quite dire...


...and real.

He offered up some valuable lessons, like not driving your jetski at night after returning from Rick Ross' house...

...more prayers, please...

...that ended with gratitude.

You made it, Khaled. And we made it with you.

The next day, he was back at it again, because that is all you can do.

Watch the full SnapChat story below.

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