It may be October and time to trade your bikinis for wool sweaters but for DJs who fly back-and-forth between cities all over the globe, seasonal changes are suspended in a sort of permanent year-round party zone. While your Instagram feeds might heat up during the summer with shots of music festivals and all-night raves, in the globe's de facto nightlife capital, Ibiza, the festivities continue throughout the fall. While the island may be known for sex, drugs, and rock 'n roll (or, rather, sex, drugs and EDM) and ragers in massive, tricked-out nightclubs and beachfront venues, we wanted the chance to speak to someone who could share the nitty gritty of what life on the island is actually like. We asked famed Israeli DJ Guy Gerber, who's been playing shows in Ibiza all summer and will continue to do through the end of the month, if Ibiza's nonstop reputation is well-deserved or overblown. Take a look at some photos he shared with us, below, and read his thoughts on the music, drugs, and creative scene, below.

Photos courtesy of Guy Gerber and Hannah Crockett

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