Disconnect Trailer: The Internet Will Ruin Your Life

By Max Kessler

"Anything you do, someone out there can see." It's with this catchphrase that we enter the world of Disconnect, the new movie starring Jason Bateman, Alexander Skarsgaard, and (weirdly) Marc Jacobs. Disconnect takes a melodramatic look at how the Internet will necessarily ruin your life through what will clearly be an interconnected, vignette-heavy series of stories. The film touches all the bases of why the interwebs should be approached with caution -- cyberbullying, identity theft, chatroom addiction, sexting scandals, and sex-cam reportage gone awry. As someone whose bread and butter is the weird corners of the Internet, I chose to blissfully ignore its dark underbelly. But the movie seems melodramatic in a fun way and I can't help but chortle at the message "Don't let the Internet suck you in!" Because if you're reading PAPERMAG and watching this, it's way too late.

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