Diplo (real name Thomas Wesley Penz) decided to call fellow bro-demi god DJ, Zedd, out for selling his soul to the green paper.

Diplo tore into Zedd's collaboration with M&M's 75th anniversary for a new cover of "The Candy Man" from Willy Wonka (with Aloe Blacc).

Zedd took the bloody bait, and clapped back, almost immediately:

Diplo, not surprisingly, responded with this (which he's since deleted):

Then Zedd corrected his grammar:

Then Diplo accepted his grammar lesson:

"You're better than this"

Then, in the douchiest form of Deus Ex Machina, DeadMau5 butted his big mouse head into the convo:

Hop off!

Ok, DeadMow:

Diplo wrote back:

Dead Mow Five's real name is Joel.

Then Diplo got existential:

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