Consummate 'net trolls Die Antwoord (Ninja and ¥o-landi Vi$e) are pointing their unbridled rage at former collaborator and fellow South African Neill Bloomkamp, and his 2015 sci fi movie Chappie. The electro crust rap duo claim Bloomkamp didn't credit them for their handmade set designs that was used in the film, like this facade which Ninja featured in the damning Instagram post.

The 'gram included an eloquent caption:

D.A. has a history of beefing with other entertainment figures for alleged aesthetic theft: in 2012, the pair released the diss video/track "Fatty Boom Boom," dedicated to Lady Gaga, who had asked the band to open for her on tour. Ninja and Yolandi felt she had ripped off their looks, and lacked the true artistic integrity that they possess.

Her reply:

Most recently, the band accused David Ayer--the director of this summer's dreadful Suicide Squad--of the same thing--"jockin" as they put it:


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