Today is the day that the CFDA will elect a new president and the battle for the top position is heated. Its the glamorous Diane Von Furstenburg who is running against menswear designer Joseph Abboud for the top spot. At noon today, the council will meet up at the Conde Nast offices to cast their vote. Of course in my opinion this is a no brainer that Diane Von Furstenberg should be elected to this position. Mr. Abboud may have alot of time to dedicate to working on the CFDA...maybe more than Diane does, but Diane has a huge glamour and money connection factor that could really elevate the CFDA from an administrative fashion organization back into being a true industry player that will ultimately help American fashion globally. I think its amazing that Von Furstenberg has agreed to run for this office and the CFDA members are crazy if they dont take advantage of having such a high powered, connected glamorous, respected woman representing the Council for our country. Go Diane!


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