Diamonds Have a New District: Introducing Phoenix Roze

Nell Alk

I’d always looked but never touched, walked by and ogled but proceeded past. So much for that plan; like a moth to a flame, my desire to stop staring and start shopping overcame my last shred of frugality.

However, one needn’t break the bank at Phoenix Roze, a jewelry store located at 39 Eighth Avenue in the West Village. The petite shop is home to myriad silver and gold designs, many accented by gemstones, and boasts prices that prove surprisingly reasonable. Especially considering the caliber of finds and personable service.

Before talking tags, meet the man behind the magic, Guy Rozenstrich. Founder and designer, this early-thirties innovator hails from Israel but has been calling Manhattan home for just over a decade. The space, minimalist and modern, is approaching its first birthday come November.

Guy recently took time to discuss his art and, at my encouragement, dropped some high-profile names who consider themselves customers. (Among them Helena Christensen and Gwen Stefani.) But, it’s not the celeb patronage that keeps this handsome man so smiley. He believes celebrity-driven buzz is somewhat silly. It’s his relationship with clients that has him grinning. “I have tons of repeat customers. It means people are happy.”

The superb product is an extension of his sensible mission “…to create beautiful, delicate, elegant pieces of jewelry. Wearable in daytime and at nighttime.” Although his background is in painting and multimedia, this creative mind operates practically. “Jewelry needs to be wearable. If it’s not, you miss the point.”

Onto wallet-talk. Silver designs range in price from $80 to $200 and gold from $150 to $3,000. “Everybody can wear Phoenix Roze; the young girls starting college or women already accomplished. Everyone wants to look great at any age. The only thing that changes is how much you want to spend. I try to have a variety of prices for people.”

Take his bestseller, the initial necklace. The understated but striking piece provides the “…perfect amount of sparkle on the neck…” and is ideal for everyday wear. Don it alone or layer it with something longer. It’s a staple, and won’t break the bank at $185. “Jewelry doesn’t have to be big and expensive to be beautiful. Feel comfortable with it.”

Not a letter-lover? Not to worry, Guy has a plethora of options. I was particularly taken with the padlock line. The earrings and necklaces are sold separately and are $125 for silver and $285 for gold. It’s not couch-cushion-coin cheap, but the handcrafted detailing is exquisite.

I've got my eye on the eternity ring, a teeny tiny band of teeny tiny diamonds, which comes in a variety of colors and costs, ranging from $700 to $900. Stop by the boutique for an up-close and personal peep. Think anniversary, birthday, something big. Boyfriends and husbands, take note. This Guy’s got a heart of gold.

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