In a stroke of brilliance, Sweden's tourism association has created a program called 'The Swedish Number,' which gives any person in the world the chance to quite literally dial this number...

...and talk to a random Swede at any given moment of the day.

Swedish citizens participate by downloading the project's app, where calls are patched through to them during the hours they've made themselves available.

Take that, Chatroulette!

I tested out the program, myself.

I was directed to a very nice-sounding guy named Mikael, who's studying Environmental Engineering at Lund University, in the city Lund, which (according to Wikipedia) is on the southern-most tip of the country.

Despite the strangeness of the whole premise, the conversation was remarkably casual, as Mikael and I briefly asked about each other.

I told him I worked at PAPER, which he said sounded 'familiar,' and after I mentioned our Kim K cover, he responded, "Oh, that Break the Internet thing."

Kim Kardashian--the universal signifier.

Mikael, if you're reading this, you've inspired me to at least Google information about the New York Rangers.


Call a Swede now; it'll make your day.

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