The first season of the fabulous Showtime series Dexter is out on DVD (Parmount) and it's just one of my favorite shows on TV. The series, based on the books by Jeff Lindsay, stars Michael C. Hall (from Six Feet Under) as a forensic scientist who works for a Florida crime unit, but is secretly a serial killer himself (but offing only really bad people who skirt the law). His late father (James Remar) was a homicide detective who recognized Dexter's killer impulses and helped him channel them and taught him the ropes on how not to get caught. His sister Debra (Jennifer Carpenter) is a cop and his girlfriend Rita (Julie Benz) thinks he's a nice guy. Only Sgt. Doakes (Erik King) seems on to the fact that's there's something off about Dexter and is openly hostile to him.

Michael C. Hall really nails this character -- he's odd and kind of sexy and disturbing at the same time. The first season had a plot line about the wily "Ice Truck Killer" which eluded authorities but was on to Dexter -- and left little gifts in his freezer to let him know that. That whole story line played out beautifully. It's just a creepy, great show. Wonderful ensemble work in the cast featuring Lauren Velez as Lt. LaGuerta and the sensational Christian Camargo as Debra's boyfriend. I cannot wait until September when the new season starts! Check out their website:

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