The wonderfully zany Patricia Fields is busy these days, not only giving out nightlife awards at the PAPER ceremony, but she's also running around town squeezing clothing out of supposedly petrified designers for Meryl Streep who she is styling for her starring role in ex Vogue intern Lauren Weisberger's The Devil Wears Prada. According to Womens Wear Daily today, many designers are hesitant to loan clothing for the film for fear of the wrath of Anna Wintour, (who the book's devil character was supposedly modeled after) which I guess only reinforces her Devil tendencies even more. Will there be lots of Prada in the film? No one's talking. I suspect that Pat Fields has one hell of a styling job ahead of her. The doors wont be swinging open for her this time....Though I'm sure Pat will concoct some fab looks for Meryl anyway.


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