Despite Fear of Heights, Natalia Kills Rocks Out at Rooftop Shindig

Carly Pifer
Natalia Kills sang her heart out last night on the soaring rooftop of the Atlas Hotel in midtown, as part of their summertime Open Air Atlas Concert Series. Ironically, Kills has a serious case of vertigo, so PAPERMAG chatted with her after her performance some floors below. Already top 15 in America, the London-based pop-star's album Perfectionist dropped yesterday on Cherrytee/Interscope, and she seemed giddy over her growing American fan-base; one girl had Kills's signature tattooed on her and was at the show to display it proudly. Her head was spinning with humble delight, but as for her vertigo she said, "I don't like seeing planes fly lower than me. It's not natural for humans to be that high. The minute I know danger's there I'm not quite sure about my place." When asked why she didn't reschedule the gig, she said matter-of-factly: "Disappointment is one of the worst emotions; it's hardest to shake because its never expected." Lucky for us and the rest of the rooftop crowd.

Photos by Jen Maler

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