Design For The Other 90%


The Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum raises global and environmental awareness with “Design for the Other 90%” -- a show devoted to the design needs of the not-so-wealthy, mainlining over 30 practical and affordable objects by some of the world's most innovative designers. The exhibition raises additional awareness with its title emphasis on the “Other 90%,” which represents the percentage of the world's population that is poor and/or marginalized. All the basics of civilized living are covered: food, water, shelter, health, sanitation, education, energy and transportation, as well as solutions to shortages caused by natural disasters. Among the featured designs are “One Laptop per Child,” a nonprofit project by professor and chairman emeritus of MIT Nicholas Negroponte who designs and provides laptops for as low as $100 to improve children's education around the world; Worldbike's “Big Boda Load-Carrying Bicycle,” which can carry up to 100 pounds of cargo or two people; and KickStart's “The MoneyMaker Pump,” a manual treadle pump which can irrigate an area of up to two acres without fuel or electricity.

Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Museum, 2 E. 91st St., (212)-849-8400. May 4-Sept. 23.

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