Last year, Pusha T and Yogi teamed up to give us the massive banger "Burial," and if that wasn't enough to get your heart racing/fists-a-pumping, Skrillex and friends have now given the track a gloomy, glitched-up facelift.  

With a little help from Trollphace and Moody Good, Skrillex's take on Pusha's dub-inflected EDM anthem is, simply put, a wild fucking ride. And when you also take into account Grant Singer's accompanying visuals (which feature a Dennis Rodman cameo, a man on fire and a menacing V for Vendetta-esque dance crew), the entire skin-crawling experience offers up quite the vision of a horrific, hip-hop dystopia. Watch the video below...and fingers crossed you aren't terribly squeamish.

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