Demi Lovato Teams With The Trevor Project for Pride

by Logan Potter

The Trevor Project aims to provide hope that, despite the absence of public events this year, Pride really is everywhere. The organization made this message abundantly clear in its latest campaign installation: a #PrideEverywhere video featuring a voiceover from Demi Lovato.

"When you see this parade, what do you see?" Lovato asks in the video. "You see people from all walks of life owning their power unapologetically and using it for those who need it. You see resilience in a thousand forms, the strength to stand up despite so many reasons to sit down. You see imagination at every turn, a brilliance shared by creative minds; writing stories, solving problems and painting pictures that will become our history."

Although the lively parade featured in the video will not be the reality in 2020, the creativity and energy of the community — as Lovato mentions in the video — are key to finding Pride everywhere. "This is not a parade, this is Pride," Lovato says. "And Pride isn't going anywhere, because Pride is everywhere."

According to The Trevor Project's website, "'Pride Everywhere' is about remembering what's at the heart of our community — values we live every day, and values the world needs so much right now. No matter how challenging things may seem, this much is true: Pride isn't going anywhere, because Pride is everywhere."

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Photo via Instagram/ Courtesy of Demi Lovato

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