Headliner photo from BFA

Demetria Devonne Lovato has dipped her toe into the eons-sprawling war between radiant divas Jennifer Lopez and the elusive chanteuse herself, Mariah Carey, for reasons unknown.

It started when Demi commented on a fan account's Instagram reposting of a meme...


This meme, in particular, which seemed to diss Lovato's fellow diva lite and bestie at the lunch table, Ariana Grande.

Instantly seen/reposted/regrammed/retweeted/rehuman-ed by ravenous Lovatics and members of Mariah's Lambily, Demi went on to ad these little gems:



Social media feuds are becoming something of a monthly tradition for Demi this year; just last month, the star was embroiled in a major fandom clash, after calling out Nicki Minaj, following allusions to a Met Ball schism.

In terms of Mariah, though, at the risk of sounding basic, I can't help but think this truly will be how Ms. MiMi reacts if she happens to catch wind of this...

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