Demetria Lovato, whose torrid affair with social media has littered news headlines for most of this year, has issued an apology for one questionable Snapchat, involving her mother, Dianna Hart.

In the now-deleted chat, Hart can be seen at some sort of dimly lit venue (a "bar room," as my late Nana called them), joking about the Rio Olympics, and how "errrbody down in Rio gonna get the Zika virus!" while Demi lols off-screen.

The internet, of course, went into a tizzy, especially with the current Zika outbreak occurring in Miami, Florida, with the hashtag #DemiLovatoIsOverParty flaring up almost immediately; many Lovatics, however, used the tag to defend her.

Demi then took to her Twitter to caulk the splitting wall.

Fair! A fine, albeit somewhat lame apology.

She could have stopped there, but then decided to use it as a strange step-off point for a declaration of self-empowerment.


As Zika ravages the southern hemisphere, and spreads its tenuous thread of woe, slowly, into our own continent, at least I know Demi Lovato is feelin' good.

Header photo via BFA

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