Demi Lovato promised she'd be back in flaming honest form on Twitter, after departing from the vessel, before returning a mere 24 hours later.

She was right!

Today, in a series of DAAAAAAAAMN, Demi, released a lament to the gods of culture, blasting the worship of celebrities over concern for actual, meaningful issues.

Demi. Is. Woke.

It all began last night...

I guess the studio did the trick...

"Over seas or global warming..." I need to get that put on a shirt.

The royal "We!" Yes! We, the famous millionaires!

Then...she tweeted this:

Is Demi a bounty hunter in her spare time?

She continued...

The fault in our starz...

"Than wars." WARS.

Demi Lovato knows wars.

Here's to Demi--keeper of truth.

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