Dedekind Cut, the artist formerly known as Lee Bannon, continues to enter completely unexpected spaces, and his haunting new track, "Conversations with Angels," is just further proof of how he's not quite done pushing the envelope.

The second single off of his forthcoming album, $UCCESSOR, the track also features production cameos by NON Worldwide boss Chino Amobi and the legendary DJ Shadow -- an interesting confluence of talent united by an admiration of The KLF's seminal ambient house concept, Chill Out. And while The KLF's influence may form the basis of the track, "Conversations with Angels" is its very own ominous, spectral soliloquy -- not to mention one that gives the aforementioned notion of "chill" a much different meaning.

Additionally, Dedekind Cut has also announced a new yoga mat collaboration (modeled by Ian Isiah) with INNERBLOOM, which comes with digital copies of his last release, American Zen, and the forthcoming $UCCESSOR. Zen, indeed. Listen below.

Dedekind Cut's $uccessor is out November 11 via NON Worldwide and Hospital Productions.

$uccessor Tour (phase 1):

9/30 Portland - Whiskey Bar

10/5 Los Angeles - Lowend Theory

10/7 Vancouver - NewForms Fest

10/9 Pittsburg - VIA Fest w Julianna Huxtable

10/28 NYC - (Issue Project Room theater show)

11/7 Brooklyn - Night Hawk (live performance of "$uccessor" theater show)

11/11 Münich - w Julianna Huxtable

11/12 Vienna - w Julianna Huxtable

11/18 - Paris

11/19 Amsterdam - Progress Bar

11/23 Raleigh - Kings w Chino Amobi

11/25 Brooklyn - TBA

11/26 Baltimore - TBA

12/1 China - TBA

12/9 Seoul - Cake Shop

12/14 China - TBA

12/16 Tokyo - Unit w (performing Alternate/Endings in full) w Goldie

12/17 Osaka - Circus

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