Dazed & Confused & Smiley

Julia Frakes

Between the financial crisis and the potential of Palin as VP, things have been a wee bit uneasy as of late. Dazed & Confused counters any apprehension with their chirpy December "Smile!" issue dedicated entirely to bright fresh faces. My super bubbly and ultra-kind-hearted amie, Canadian model Kate Somers, graces the cover alongside an always buoyant Nathan Sutherland. In a PAPERMAG exclusive, Kate gives us the downlow from rainy Paris on her first-ever shoot in London: "The cover was such a cool experience -– the photographer, Daniel [Sannwald] -– just came up with this amazing idea of creating one face on both Nathan and I. The makeup artist worked so quickly, considering how atypical the makeup was! The entire shoot was really creative, so it'll be neat to see the editorial portion when it comes out too." And with Dazed's creative director Nicola Formichetti (fashion director of Vogue Hommes Japan and fashion editor of Another Man, V, and VMAN) calling the shots we're sure it will be insane! Smiling simply sounds like an understatement.

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