There is a new trailer out for a documentary about the early life of David Lynch, the surrealist auteur of creeping dread and transcendental meditation aficionado who once attributed his breakup with Isabella Rossellini to "cooking smells." The Jon Nguyen-directed film entitled David Lynch: The Art Life, which premiered at the Venice Film Festival this week, takes a deep dive into the dark mind of the young Lynch, examining his youth in rural Idaho and his coming-of-age in Philadelphia, and surveying his early paintings and short films. The trailer, which features kaleidoscopes of bug parts, drawings of wide screaming mouths, shots of Lynch smoking in empty rooms, and voiceover lines like "sickness, corruption, fear in the air – it was very good for me" promises all the cold sweats you'll need to hold you over until the 2017 Twin Peaks reboot.

Watch the trailer, and a clip from the film below...

[h/t Rolling Stone]

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