David Hershkovits's Doppelganger Strikes Again!

Alexis Swerdloff
Back in 2007, we noted that the guy in the Maira-Kalman-illustrated invite to CB2's SoHo store opening looked eerily like PAPER editor and publisher David Hershkovits. That doppelganger, however, holds nothing to the David Hershkovits doppelganger PAPER's Drew Elliott Tweeted this morning. This fellow on the back of the Organic Valley Milk carton looks like he could be David's long-lost hippie twin brother! Some Internet research reveals that he is the Organic Valley CEIEIO, George Siemon, who sadly, looks absolutely nothing like DH in real life. This whole situation reminds us of that Simpsons episode where Homer goes to Japan and discovers there's a dishwasher detergent mascot, Mr. Sparkle, who looks just like him! D'oh!

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