Honestly, what's the point of April? You keep thinking it's finally going to get sunny, then the skies open for three continuous days of rain. You have to wear a jacket, but also a t-shirt underneath, due to a confused office heating situation. June feels so, so far away — almost further away than it did in February. Weather purgatory! It sucks.

So thank God for these photos of David Hasselhoff chilling by the pool. A longtime summer icon, he recently swapped the red Baywatch briefs for Happy Socks' first-ever swimwear collection, launching today. A perfect choice — truly this man should model for every bathing suit brand. It should be a goddamn federal law.

The Hoff's Day Off campaign sees the man don brightly patterned slides, socks, and shorts. He looks so happy! This is how we're all gonna be in t-minus two months.

Poolside outfit inspiration, below.

Photos courtesy of Happy Socks


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