Everything's coming up X-Files lately, and we're totally on board. Following last week's announcement that the beloved sci-fi FBI drama is returning to TV this summer with new episodes, today David Duchovny announced that he's releasing his debut solo album. That David Duchovny's a singer-songwriter is only one of many layers of "wait, what" enveloping the man who played Mulder. For instance, did you know Duchovny is a dissertation away from having his PhD in English from Yale? Or that he wrote a novel this year called Holy Cow published by Farrar, Straus and Giroux? Or that he posed in Playgirl when X-Files was starting to get big (cover line: "The Truth Is In Here.")? Basically, Duchovny was the original James Franco.

The album, Hell or Highwater, is out May 12th. You can download its first single, also titled Hell or Highwater, here. Here's a tracklist:

1. Let it Rain

2. 3000

3. Stars

4. Hell or Highwater      

5. The Things    

6. The Rain Song

7. Unsaid Undone

8. Lately it's Always December

9. Another Year

10. Passenger

11. When The Time Comes        

12. Positively Madison Avenue

Photo by Adam Bradley.
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