David Byrne's BAM Bike Racks + Breaking Bad-Inspired "Meth Candy" in Today's Eight Items or Less

1. BAM has unveiled two new bike racks designed by musician David Byrne especially for the Brooklyn arts institution. The blue racks feature interchangable letters, and currently form the words "pink crown" and "micro lip." [via press release]

2. The Office will end after this next season. [via David Itzkoff]

3. Kanye West is "in talks" to be a judge on American Idol. That's all well and good, but what about JD Samson?! [via Vulture]

4. Here's little Suri Cruise giving a photographer some 'tude. Also, Katie and Tom officially got divorced today. [via BuzzFeed]

5. Cleopatra's, a gallery in Greenpoint operated by Bridget Donahue, Bridget Finn, Colleen Grennan and Erin Somerville, will be representing Brooklyn at the Shanghai Biennial, which starts this October. [via New York Observer]

6. A new species of spider, named the Trogloraptor, has been discovered in a cave in Oregon. [via World's Best Ever]

7. Didjya know? "Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan" is an anagram for "My Ultimate Ayn Rand Porn." [via Death and Taxes]

8. A woman in New Mexico is selling Breaking Bad-inspired "meth candy." [via Gawker

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