Finally...some good news:

At a charity auction in Los Angeles over the weekend, a lock of David Bowie's hair was sold for a staggering $18,750.

That's eighteen-thousand dollars, plus seventy-hundred and fifty dollars.

The follicle of the late music icon, who departed from Earth in January for his current journey across the silent interstellar desert, was originally clipped from Bowie's scalp back in 1983, by Madam Tussauds Wax Museum in London; the hair snip was used for color-matching on the wig of David's waxy avatar.

The wax-making hair cutter sent a letter of "proof" about the lock that you can read here, and included a photo of herself with Bowie.

Also sold at the auction was Prince's Yellow Cloud guitar, for a mind-blowing $137,500 (though still not as 0_0 than 19 grand on a piece of hair).

But, when it comes to Bowie, all bets are off.

This auction is a great reminder than 2016 FUCKING SUCKS, and that we need to hide all of our legends from death's scythe, immediately.

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