Good evening, and welcome to Hotel Cortez. We're pleased to have you with us, and offer you some advice well worth taking: Don't get too comfortable, and we recommend against an open door policy. The new season of Ryan Murphy's thrill and chill fest is upon us, taking place at the mysterious Hotel Cortez in Los Angeles and spanning four decades. Many things are best when they've got a bit of an edge to them, and that certainly includes fashion. While you're watching all the dirty deeds go down, take sartorial notes: It's best to pair misbehaviour with a fabulous wardrobe inspired by looks from the 1930's, '70s, '90s and today. We teamed up with American Horror Story: Hotel to bring you looks that take their cue from the thrillingly dark plot twists and dips you'll experience this season. Tune in for the premiere of American Horror Story: Hotel Wednesday, October 7th, 2015 at 10pm on FX.

Always pair a defiant gaze with a luxurious fur collar and some lace, and add a deconstructed hat veil with it's own story to tell for good measure.

It can look pretty good to be bad. Case in point: This slicked-back, well-coiffed gentleman with the upright starched collar and jaunty bow tie.

Grab your best swingin' wide lapeled pantsuit, lose the bra, and practice your most defiant pose. For accessories, try a revolver.

It's always best to keep men in the palm of your hands. It's no surprise we're drinking the '90s kool-aid again when it comes to style-- the IDGAF vibe paired with a head scarf and a dark lip always does the trick.

When you need to look unsettling at the drop of a body, pair pantyhose with elaborate and colorful makeup and nail it every time. Nothing to see here.

Styling: Kevin Breen

Hair: Joey George at the Wall Group

Makeup: Clelia Bergonzoli at the Utopia Agency

Special thanks to Screaming Mimi's

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