Dario Argento Mini-Retrospective This Weekend at BAM

This weekend, BAM (30 Lafayette Ave., Brooklyn) is screening three great films by the Italian maestro of the macabre Dario Argento. There's 4 Flies On Grey Velvet, which stars Michael Brandon as a rock musician who gets involved in several murders. Suspiria, the first of Argento's "three witches" trilogy, is set in a dance school in Europe and stars Jessica Harper as a student uncovering a coven of witches. Like Alice In Wonderland on LSD, the film is saturated with color, loud music, and blood. And Inferno, the second of the witch films, is set in New York where evil lives behind the walls and floorboards of a mysterious mansion. This film is also awash in vivid color, a great rock score and nightmarish imagery.

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