Dante's Inferno, Circa 1911

Okay, because Dante and his infernal Inferno have been recurring themes of late, we've decided (yes, also at the urging of Mr. Randy Focazio) that it was finally time to post excerpts from the infamous silent film version of Dante's classic (or at least what we could find on YouTube). And since Catalina Island nearly went up in flames last week, we don't think we should wait until the next apocalyptic disaster befalls southern California before mentioning The Divine Comedy!

This film really is something to behold. I don't know about this metal soundtrack (courtesy of a band called Iced Earth). It's a little obvious, dont'cha think? If you really want to get spooked, watch it without any sound. Or put your own music to it! Hmmmm... wonder who can come up with the best alternative soundtrack ? (And don't tell us to cue up "Dark Side of the Moon" at Virgil's first appearance -- although that could sound good too. Maybe something from Diamanda Galas? With or without John Paul Jones? )

And if you liked Part One, please find Part Two after the jump.

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