Daniel Vosovic Has a Blog!

 Yes, it's true, homos and the girls who love them, Project Runway: Season 2  runner-up Daniel V. has a blizzog. We were die-hard fans of Tim Gunn's blog, "Tim's Take," and luckily we have not been let down by Daniel V.'s. For his most recent blog post, Danny discusses his photo-shoot for Entertainment Weekly's "Must List" issue.  Turns out Daniel had to create clothes specifically for the shoot. In addition to designing three new outfits, he also had to:

  • "[go] on a three day trip to MI for appearances, designing a collection of uniforms for a new hotel chain, giving a “yay” or “nay” to every minute but crucial detail involving the upcoming photo shoot from what electronics I would like to show, to what size/cut/color suit I would like to be wearing, go on two job interviews, begin work on my first two blogs, go to three RSVP’d parties I would be stupid not to attend, tape an episode of MTV’s Made, do a handful of “Where is Daniel now?” interviews as well an interview for the “Asian New York Times” The Asashi (PR2 has begun airing elsewhere in the world by the way)…. Oh, and attempt to go on a first date with a new guy… because it’s clearly important to keep balance in my life."

Ahh, the life of a former reality TV show runner-up... In any case, cutting to the chase,  who is this "new guy?" Any readers out there care to divulge?


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