Daniel Radcliffe Wins Us Over in How to Succeed in Business Withouth Really Trying

When our friends get in line at midnight to be the first to see Daniel Radcliffe in the 17th Harry Potter film, we scoff. But let us tell you what we would (and did) wait in line to see Radcliffe in: Broadway's latest revival of How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying. We were less than enthused about the production after reading Ben Brantley's lethal review in the New York Times, in which he says it's like watching a new Dancing with the Stars-esque reality show where celebrities learn to star on Broadway, but after seeing the show this past weekend we were blown away with Radcliffe's ability -- and the pleasure he clearly took -- in playing ambitious businessman J.Pierrepont Finch. That's one of the many reasons we go to the theater! Seeing sheer joy come through in a performer is always inspiring. Though we can't say we were ever Night Court  fans growing up (though unfortunately our parents were), we loved John Larroquette in his role as J.B. Biggley, Finch's boss and the owner of fictional company World Wide Wickets. We could hardly contain our enjoyment during one our favorite 11 o'clock numbers, "Brotherhood of Man." While we're still opposed to jumping on the Potter bandwagon (it's a kids book!), we did leap to our feet when Radcliffe appeared for the curtain call. Shhh...don't tell anyone.

Photograph of Daniel Radcliffe showing off his dance moves in How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying by Ari Mintz.

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