Tired of seeing grown men riding skateboards in oversized T-shirts and baggy shorts? Sick of idiot-man-children like Adam Sandler and Rob Schnieder? Had it with beer bloat on your movie stars and stringy shoegazer hair on your musicians?  Then dive into DANDYISM, the latest craze to hit L.A. (And what better time to squeeze into some tight brocade pants and don a powdered wig than in this 90 degree heat?) This Thursday is  the night for DANDY, the new 'hot' club 'curated' by performer and club impressario Kitty Diggins. Miss Kitty has already generated some frothy buzz with her lacey shennigans and the closer we get to Bastille Day the frothier that buzz gets! From what Diggins promises below, the night sounds like the perfect precursor to  Sofia Coppola's new film "Marie Antoinette"! (I don't know about Jason Schwartzmann as Louis X1V but Prince Poppycock rules!!!)

From Kitty Diggins:
You and your friends dressed to the 3's the 6's and the 9's to the 10th power in your choice of : Escapees of the Bastille, baroque finery (to the nonsensical extreme), Marie Antoinette , Louis Louis Louis ( your choice of Louis)  or any other glamourous , dispicable or sex crazed French character , Courtesean and/or Dandy person of your leaning.

There will be a Wig Powdering station for those haberdashed in fine wiggery and you will  be served CAKE and you might just get to loose your head in a Guillotine!

I  suggest you start primping , powdering and polishing yourselves on the
double!! Perhaps if Fortune bestows a glance upon your brow, you may even dance the Minuete with the Prince of Poppycock! Drink Absinthe in the Mezzanine and  gaze below upon the fantastical visions of beauty and style or perhaps the green fairies dancing circles around your pointed little heads.

Here are the particulars : Dandy - Bastille Day Party Go for Baroque
Thursday July 13 2006
Safari Sams 5214 W.Sunset Blvd www.safarisams.com
Door at 9:30   Show at 10:30 ish
$7.00 appropriate attire  $10.00 if not
18 and over


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