Dan Deacon Releases Two-Screen Interactive Video

By Jonah Wolf

Dan Deacon's Record Store Day single "Konono Ripoff N°1" surrounds upbeat melodic bloops with an incessant doorbell-like ringing, muffled vocal harmonies and frenetic drumming, a little like (duh) Konono N°1. The song's new video compiles jittering GIF-like two-frame animations of Deacon's arty Baltimore peers, each posed with an object of his or her choice: a porcelain cat, a pewter dwarf, a tablet computer, etc. Alone, maybe not enough for a Music Video of the Day. But used in conjunction with Deacon's proprietary smartphone app, it's something special.

That app, you might remember, uses the sounds of Deacon's live performances to generate a synchronized light show on audience members' screens. (It also includes a built-in synthesizer and other features.) Open it up with "Konono Ripoff N°1" playing on another device (you might not want to do this at work) and click on "I'm at a Show" -- the totemic objects appear rotating on your touchscreen in sequence with the music video. Tilt your phone from side to side to adjust the angular velocity. Nifty.

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