Dallas Buyers Club Will Probably Make You (and Me and Everyone We Know) Cry

by Max Kessler

After months of waiting -- and seeing a painfully skinny Jared Leto in various kinds of drag -- the trailer for Dallas Buyers Club is here. DBC follows Ron Woodroof (played by Matthew McConaughey), a Texan man who, after finding out he has AIDS, started a service called the Dallas Buyers Club that imported non-FDA-approved AIDS treatments from abroad. (It's worth noting that while the trailer depicts authorities viewing the Buyers Club as a drug ring to be taken down, in reality they let it be and sort of approved of it.) We also see Leto as a trans woman named Rayon who helps out with the business, and Jennifer Garner as Woodroof's doctor/love interest. While the movie looks fun and thrilling at times, we know that Ron died from AIDS-related illness in 1992 and, it being the AIDS crisis, that many others will die too. So go to the theater with a box of tissues and expect to be taken on a journey of acceptance, overcoming homophobia, big bad government intervention and weeping. So much weeping.

[via Vulture]

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